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“It was a great experience to work with someone of Daniel’s expertise and in-depth knowledge...he has the ability to quickly assess challenges and opportunities and offer ways to take the organization to the next level. He is a true visionary. His personality and visionary insights make him a truly valuable consultant.”
— Rabbi Daniel Alter, DAT Minyan, Denver

How lucky my corporation was to have Daniel’s support in our business planning. His incredible caring and integrity brought us great success…his vision for our future was outstanding. One of his many strengths is listening carefully to all sides & articulating people's goals…he guided us through negotiations towards compromise.
Maxine Kaufman, President, Armstrong Chemical Corporation, New Jersey

It was so empowering to work with someone of Daniel’s wisdom and experience. He is as engaged in the learning process as he hopes his clients will be. Daniel knows systems and personalities and creatively helped craft and support our organizational goals and strategies. He has the heart and soul of a teacher - and the vision to help his clients.”
Jan C. Nadav, Mizel Museum, Denver

Sea Change Consulting Clients

“As a consultant, Daniel has a creative mind that sees the big vision…and can take that and turn into reality. It was a joy to consult with Daniel.”
— Rabbi Brian Field, Judaism Your Way, Denver

"As a consultant, Daniel is extremely astute. He listens carefully, and quickly sizes up the needs and challenges of the individual and the organization. His advice and recommendations are insightful, succinct and effective."
— David Dye, Chief Operating Officer, Colorado UpLift 


What’s With the Name?

Shakespeare coined the phrase sea change in his classic, The Tempest.

Much as the 17th century English Bard of Avon used the term to connote deep transformation at a cellular level, so we at Sea Change Consulting use the term to refer to the power of transformative change that we bring to leaders and organizations.

Sea Change Consulting


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