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We offer free initial consultations with individuals, leaders and any organization that wants to be more effective, efficient, and to thrive in today’s economy. Jointly we determine if we are a good match to work together.

Sea Change Consulting

Some partnerships are as simple as executive coaching or goal-setting mini-retreats. Others are as involved as strategic planning processes and creating segmented fund development and implementation plans over time. Still others involve work with key staff and boards, and even re-imagining or restructuring organizational missions, governance-structures, programs and services, and advocacy plans.

We are not vendors, but rather partners and change-agents who seek collaborations with those in the non-profit and for-profit worlds whose beliefs are aligned with our own.

Some organizations find we are effective assuming key roles on a temporary or ongoing basis within their organizational structure.

We are less interested in buzz words and the jargon of change-theory than we are in helping clients understand their needs, and empowering them to meet those needs efficiently and economically.

We are adept at teaching and challenging our clients - on the one hand to discover wisdom they are surprised to find they already possess, and on the other to develop new skills they need to manage and to lead.

Services We Provide

  1. We help organizations define their challenges and meet them.

  1. We help leaders guide their organizations through today’s choppy waters.

  1. We help individuals realize their highest professional and personal goals.

A. Organizations:

  1. We assess organizational challenges and assets.

  2. We help organizations set goals and create strategies.

  3. We work with organizations to help them create dynamic implementation plans customized to their mission – and we help put them into action.

  4. We empower organizations to bring positive change to their organization and beyond.

  5. We teach organizations to turn strangers into clients and clients into advocates.

  6. We guide organizations to hone their internal systems and delivery services to provide the programs and services people really want – effectively and efficiently.

  7. We assist organizations to utilize, marshal and increase human and financial resources.

  8. We coax organizations to examine themselves courageously, addressing areas that impede their immediate and long-term success.

B. Leaders:

  1. We teach leaders to know their strengths and draw on millennia-old values and wisdom.

  2. We help leaders face their challenges so that their organizations thrive.

  3. We mentor, train and coach leaders to realize and maximize their current skills and build new skill-sets.

  4. We guide leaders to understand the imperative for their subordinates to “manage-up;” and we coach second-tier leaders to learn that skill.

  5. We listen carefully to coach individually, enabling people to become the leaders they desire to be.

C. Individuals:

  1. We work one-on-one and in small groups to teach values and wisdom that individuals find invaluable in today’s fast-paced world.

  2. We teach people how understanding and living their core values can help them to live lives of greater meaning.

  3. We help our clients work to uncover their core ideology, purpose and values.

  4. We guide them to formulate powerful missions to serve their highest purpose.

  5. We assist them in conceiving, developing and executing their business or life plan, constructing goals and strategies that best fulfill their personal mission.

  6. We provide individualized budget-planning and coaching that helps families take control of their lives.

Sea Change Consulting Core Beliefs

      • Individuals lead and manage more effectively when they are supported properly.

      • Success requires pausing to re-examine your goals and to understand your clients.

      • Discussions of resources (e.g. personnel and finances) cannot be permitted to derail the creative process.

      • Successful change-agents appreciate the limitations of an organization’s resources.

      • Deep, lasting and sustainable change is the goal - and that takes time; courage to commit to the process must be unwavering.


Sea Change Consulting


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