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Our Mission

We teach, empower, coach and challenge organizations and their leaders to improve themselves, their organizations and their communities in powerful and lasting ways for generations to come.

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Our Values

Integrity - We are honest, principled and reliable; we mean what we say and you can count on that always.

Transparency – We will make sure you always know exactly where we are leading you, why, how long it will take, and the tradeoffs involved.

Confidentiality – Discretion is one of the cornerstones of our business -- your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. Our success depends on our reputation.

Courage – We have the strength of will to assess your challenges quickly and tell you the truth about what you face and what is needed to move forward and improve.

Vision - We integrate lessons from the past and the present, discern strategies that will serve you now and in the future, and help you shed habits that are standing in the way of your success.

Our Goals

  • To help leaders:
    • understand their organizations’ unique challenges and powerful purpose in today’s challenging landscape
    • remember that they are uniquely qualified to lead this organization at this juncture
    • awaken a calling in themselves so they will lead with increased purpose, meaning and satisfaction
    • gain invaluable skills, tools and perspective to lead their organizations to powerful and successful implementation plans
  • To help organizations:
    • eliminate both the internal and external obstacles that impede their success
    • build on their current successes and maximize their assets to fulfill their missions in profound ways
    • develop unique, strong and successful implementation plans to navigate today’s choppy waters
    • construct systems that serve them today and provide for succession plans for the future

Our People

    • Understand your organization’s issues because we’ve been there
    • Have both led and consulted with diverse organizations for over 30 years
    • Have coached CEO’s, COO’s, and top board leadership
    • Use their knowledge and extensive experience in finance, strategy, systems, advocacy, marketing, fund development, leadership and governance to help our clients reach their goals
    • Engage organizations, both big and small - and their leaders - to help them face and overcome today’s challenges
    • Live our firm’s tag line:

Ancient Wisdom. Practical Application. Sea Change.

Sea Change Consulting Founder and CEO, Daniel W. Bennett

Daniel Bennett Sea Change ConsultingDaniel has served the Colorado community since 1979: teaching, leading, convening, coaching and guiding institutions, individuals and families toward their highest goals. Daniel founded Sea Change Consulting in 2009, and also serves as philanthropic advisor to Oak Tree Foundation in Denver.

In June 2009 Daniel completed a 12-year position as President & CEO of the Colorado Agency for Jewish Education (CAJE); for the previous nine years he was director of education and principal at two area synagogues and schools - where he spearheaded the development of youth, family, and adult education programs, and continued to travel, publish, lecture, and lead, while instilling in individuals, children and families his vision and passion.

Daniel came to Colorado after his graduate studies in modern and ancient history and Semitic languages at The Ohio State University to meet the challenge of creating a Jewish Studies department at Herzl Day School, a K-6 community day school – a school he helped build and served for nine years.

Married to psychotherapist and early childhood educator Devorah Uriel - Daniel has the blessing of parenting two grown sons. He draws strength from his family and from fellow travelers, as well as from the majestic spirituality of Colorado’s mountains. Raised on the best of Jewish and progressive social values, activism and learning – as well as on Bonanza and Star Trek - Daniel plays guitar, loves horses and dogs, is an avid stamp collector, tropical fish enthusiast, and baseball fan.


What’s With the Name?

Shakespeare coined the phrase sea change in his classic, The Tempest.

Much as the 17th century English Bard of Avon used the term to connote deep transformation at a cellular level, so we at Sea Change Consulting use the term to refer to the power of transformative change that we bring to leaders and organizations.

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